Heat Shrinkable Tube

Heat shrinkable tube are widely used in electronics, electric power, cable and other fields as well as daily life and play an important role in social development. Heat shrinkable tube are made of the alloy of radiation cross-linking polyolefin and its polymer, which can produce the effect of "shape memory" after high energy radiation, so as to realize the coating of various wires and cable joints for the purpose of insulation protection.  

Heat shrinkable tube of derivative products through our continuous development has been throughout a variety of fields and industries. The manufacturing process of heat shrinkable tube is mainly divided into four parts: the first mixing granulation, the second extrusion molding, the third radiation cross-linking, the fourth expansion shaping, packaging.  

These production processes of the heat shrinkable tube can greatly reduce the cost of investment, reduce energy consumption and enterprise production costs, improve production efficiency and product quality, the production of products with relatively high mechanical strength and long service life, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, environmental pressure and other advantages. HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. has its own production workshop and factory facilities, specializing in the wholesale and export of Heat Shrinkable Tube.
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  • The material composition of stress control tube is made up of a variety of polymer materials blending or copolymerization, the general base material is polar polymer, and then add high dielectric constant filler and so on. The Heat Shrinkable Stress Control Tube in cable accessories is mainly used to relieve the electrical stress at the outer shielding cut of the shielding end of dispersed cross-linked power cable.

  • The Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tube is a special heat shrinkable casing made of polyolefin material. The outer layer is made of high quality soft crosslinked polyolefin material and the inner layer of hot melt adhesive. The outer layer has the characteristics of insulation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, waterproof sealing and high adhesion.

  • The 10kV and 35kV Bus-bar Tube is made of special polythin hydrocarbon through special processing, with high insulation performance, used for substation bus, high and low voltage switchgear bus insulation protection, bus-bar can make the switchgear compact structure (phase distance shortened), to prevent accidental short circuit accidents.

  • The LV Heat Shrinkable Thin Wall Tube is widely used in wire connection, wire end treatment, welding spot protection, wire bundle marking, insulation protection of resistance and capacitance, corrosion protection of metal rod or pipe, antenna protection, etc. As the Chinese manufacturer of LV Heat Shrinkable Thin Wall Tube, we can offer a more favorable price.

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