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Type of cable accessories

Cable accessories of various types, with different types of characteristics and limitations, generally can not replace each other. The common ones are as follows:

(1) Wrapping type: the cable accessories made of rubber strip material (self-adhesive) are called wrapping type cable accessories, which are easy to loose, poor fire resistance and short service life;

(2) watering type: with thermosetting resin as the main material in the field of watering, the selected materials are epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylic acid, etc., the fatal disadvantage of this kind of accessories is easy to produce bubbles when curing;

(3) Molded type: mainly used for cable connection in the middle, add mold heating in the field, and integrate with the cable, the production process of the accessory is complex and long, is not suitable for terminal joints;

(4) Cold shrinkage type: with silicone rubber, epDM rubber and other elastomers in the factory pre-expansion and add plastic support strip and forming. In the field construction, pull out the support strip to make the pipe in the inherent elastic effect of rubber ling contraction on the cable and cable accessories made of the annex is the most suitable for the construction site can not be heated with open fire, such as mines, petrochemical industry, etc.;

(5) Heat shrinkable type: rubber and plastic alloy is made into different component products with "shape memory effect, and the accessories are made by heating and shrinking on the cable in the field. The accessory has the characteristics of light weight, simple and convenient construction, reliable operation and low price, etc.

(6) Prefabricated: silicone rubber injection into different components, a vulcanization molding, only retain the contact interface, in the field construction of the cable insertion and made of accessories. This construction process reduces the unmeasured adverse factors in the environment to a minimum degree, so this accessory has great potential value, is the development direction of cross-linked cable accessories, but the manufacturing technology is difficult, involving a variety of disciplines and industries. The installation materials of prefabricated accessories below the trident and shield ports of cables are still heat shrinkable materials, so it is actually a combination of prefabricated and heat shrinkable accessories.