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Fire retardant measures for cables


For the cable dense places susceptible to fire from external influences or cable circuits that may cause serious accidents due to fire spread, the construction must be carried out according to the fire prevention and flame retardant measures required by the design. 

The following measures should be taken for the fire retardant of cables:

1.In the cable through the shaft, wall, floor or into the hole of the electrical panel, cabinet, with fire blocking material dense blocking. 

2.In important cable trenches and tunnels, fire walls shall be arranged in sections or with soft refractory materials as required.

3.For the cables of important circuits, they can be laid separately in a special channel or in a fire-resistant closed groove box, or they can be applied with fire-proof coating and fire-proof wrap.

4.Apply fire-proof coating or fire-proof wrap on both sides of power cable joint and adjacent cable 2~3m long section.

5.Use fire-resistant or flame retardant cable.

6.Set up alarm and fire extinguishing devices.

Fire retardant materials must pass technical or product certification. In use, the construction measures should be put forward according to the design requirements and materials using technology.

Fire retardant coating should be diluted according to a certain concentration, stir evenly, and should be along the length of the cable direction of brushing, brushing thickness or times, interval time should meet the requirements of material use.

When wrapping the tape, it should be pulled tightly and the number or thickness of wrapping layer should meet the requirements of material use. After wrapping, it should be tied firmly at certain distance.

When plugging cable holes, the plugging should be strict and reliable, and there should be no obvious cracks and visible pores. If the holes are larger, the plugging should be carried out after adding refractory lining plate.

The fire door on the fire resistance wall should be tight and the hole should be blocked; Fireproof wrap or coating should be applied to cables on both sides of the firewall.