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How to Solve the Cable Accessories Discharge Fault


Power cable accessories discharge fault is one of the major problems for power supply department, especially in recent years the cable line is increasing and longer operating life, large and complex cable network often fail to work. Then how to diagnose the fault in time, solve the problem is very important. Usually the cable accessories corona discharge is generated in the surface of the terminal head, the key reasons are: The surface of the terminal head is dirty, the spacing of three core bifurcation is small, mineral acid caused, the surrounding environment wet and cold etc.

1. If corona discharge occurs on the surface of the outdoor termination, it can be polished on the corona charging  surface after finishing, remove the marks, and apply cooling cream. If it is epoxy resin termination, use coarse sandpaper or wood file to carry out polishing finishing, add some epoxy resin glue between the straight head to widen the plane.

2. If corona discharge occurs on the surface of indoor termination, epoxy resin adhesive can be coated with glass ribbon after finishing the surface turbidity, and several layers of insulation tape can be wrapped on the whole in part of the tail line to improve the dielectric strength of the surface.

3. If corona discharge occurs in the dry clad cable accessory termination, it can be treated by equipotential method, that is, wrapping a metal strip on the surface of each core insulation layer and connecting each other to remove the corona discharge; In addition, the rated insulation layer can be wrapped into a in-situ stress cone shape by using the base principle of in-situ stress cone to improve the distribution of electrostatic field.

4. Because of the damp and cold corona discharge, drainage pipes and measures to improve natural ventilation should be used first, and then infrared induction lamp or warm air to dry the damp and cold surface.

5. Installation shall be in accordance with the rules in the operation, prevent the installation quality problems, in the process of construction, stripping cable operation is done by ordinary workers  (even the construction projects of power supply bureau), or even the whole installation of a cable termination to the ordinary workers to operate, and the technical personnel only play a guiding role. In this way, the quality of cable joints cannot be guaranteed.
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