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  • The bus-bar Joint Heat Shrinkable Cover, referred to as the Bus-bar Box, is made of radiation crosslinked polyolefin material, which is the insulation material for the Bus-bar connection. It has the functions of electrical insulation, welding spot anti-rust and anti-corrosion, mechanical protection, reducing phase spacing and so on.


  • EPDM material and silicone rubber material are two kinds of raw materials widely used in Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories at the present stage. They have their own advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different scopes.


  • Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories as one of the main products of HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd., mainly suitable for 35kV and below medium and low voltage cable accessories, product specifications and models up to hundreds of. Through the continuous upgrading of product technology, we keep pace with The Times while meeting customer needs.


  • Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories Compared with Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories, cable accessories that do not require the use of heating tools for construction and can be installed at room temperature. The Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessory is made of imported liquid silicone rubber.


  • Insulation tubes are divided into two kinds of raw materials. One kind of raw material is heat shrinkable insulation tube, the other kind of raw material is cold shrinkable insulation tube. Let's see the difference between these two raw materials.


  • Cable sheath is a protective layer covering the cable insulation layer, cable sheath and conductor, insulation layer collectively referred to as the three components of the cable. Typical sheath structure, including inner sheath and outer sheath.