Industry News

  • Poor waterproof sealing of cable accessories will cause failure. Through incomplete statistics, there are obvious traces of water in the cable accessories accounting for 71%. It can be seen that the waterproof sealing of cable accessories is extremely important.


  • During the storage period, the cold shrinkage parts will not have obvious permanent deformation or elastic stress relaxation, otherwise, after installation on the cable can not ensure enough elastic compression force.


  • Wires and cables are divided into copper and aluminum core cables according to different conductors. There are more common copper core cables in our daily life, because it is widely used, but a lot of people are not familiar with copper core cables.


  • The cold shrinkage cable accessories have a unique stress cone control unit, product structure design for the built-in stepped stress cone, stress evacuation more effective, more reliable product operation.


  • We know that low-voltage cable accessories usually have heat and other characteristics such as poor joint contact, which will have some adverse effects. So what accidents may be caused by poor contact of low-voltage cable accessories?


  • Cold Shrinkable End Cups is made of elastomer material in the factory injection vulcanization molding, and then through the expansion of Cold Shrinkable End Cups body and lined with spiral support to form a variety of cable accessories or other accessories parts.