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  • According to the classification of use scenarios, Cable Termination kit can be divided into two types: Indoor Cable termination kits and Outdoor Cable Termination kits.


  • Power cable accessories discharge fault is one of the major problems for power supply department, especially in recent years, it's increasing and longer operating life, large and complex cable network often fail to work.


  • Cable accessories in the whole cable construction process has a very important significance, it can effectively control the high voltage movement, and make the voltage in use has a certain stability.


  • Understanding the 6 basic parameters of Heat Shrinkable Tube can help you choose Heat Shrinkable Tube more quickly.


  • For the cable dense places susceptible to fire from external influences or cable circuits that may cause serious accidents due to fire spread, the construction must be carried out according to the fire prevention and flame retardant measures required by the design.


  • Insulation treatment should be carried out when cable accessories are installed on site, In addition to the impact of climate conditions on installation quality, dust and debris in the environment will have adverse effects, especially when installing cable accessories.