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  • The 15kV Insulated Cap is is as an attachment to the charged casing accessories, to provide insulation for charged casing insulating sleeve, to provide dust-proof and moisture-proof envelope for uncharged joint. 600A insulation cap can be installed in 600A bush, bus-bar and hanging device. When the bus-bar and cable joint reserve have a spare line, must be sealed it with the 600A insulated cap.

  • The 15kV Bushing Extender is mated with the conversion head to form a 600A/200A conversion head with extension bush, which can be installed directly on the 600A bus-bar or 600A bushings. The 200A jack can be installed with elbow surge arrester or elbow cable connector. The 15kV Bushing Extender is made of high quality EPDM (EPDM), fully insulated and sealed.

  • 600A/200A Integral Dead Break Bushing including The 15kV Integral Dead Break Bushing is used to convert a standard 600A dead break interface to a standard 200A load break integral.Used with a 200A insulated protective cap M.O.V Elbow Arrester. Grounding Elbow or Load Breaker Elbow Connector.A integral dead break bushing provides a fully shielded.It will be T-II connect if connects with T connect.

  • The 15kV Type T Cable Connector is fully insulated. Fully sealed. Used for high voltage underground cable connection equipment. Such as wind power substation, ring network cabinet and cable splicing box, the rated current is 600A, can be connected to the relevant specifications of the cable, cable type fault indicator can also be installed on the cable, can quickly and accurately find the fault point.

  • The Bus Connector is used for the top expansion connection of SF6 insulated metal switchgear, realizing full sealing and full insulation connection between the load switch and bus,completely avoiding the fatal defect brought by high voltage exposure in bad weather,and it is easy to install and high reliability.The length of the bus can be customized according to customer requirements,and the end of the bus is fixed with terminals and bushing. Suitable for electrical system with rated current up to 1250A.

  • The Bushing Holder for 12kV and 24kV Inflatable Cabinets provides an interface for the 630A cable connector, which is mainly used for outdoor ring network switchgear and other equipment. It is installed on the inflatable cabinet, and is connected with the 630A type cable connector, which is the 630A inlet and outlet line, and is connected with the shielded bolt type cable connector. Our independent plant covers an area of more than 14,000 square meters of production and testing equipment are complete.