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General requirements for installation of Cold Shrinkable Accessories

Before installation, construction personnel should read instruction carefully, and make sure all the tools required are all in readiness, and construction personnel should be familiar with the use of various tools, inspection and precautions. During the installation process of Cold Shrinkable cable accessories, the cable core part, the insulation material tool for construction and the construction personnel must keep clean. The construction site should be with enough light, clean and dry. Outdoor construction should set up a protective shed, aerial work should set up a operating platform. Safety measures should be done when there are live equipment nearby. The installation temperature should be above 0℃, and the humidity should lower than 70%, which will help to avoid take remedial measures when the insulation surface moisture condensation in the low temperature and high dumidity. Remedial measures should be taken when the cable is water penetrated and damped.

The method for Cold Shrinkable material installation
Make the spiral plastic support strip head outward exposed before setting into the cold shrinkable tube. Because the Cold Shrinkable Tube will shrinking immediately after pulling out the plastic support strip, so the position of the cold shrinkable tube must be confirmed before pulling out the strip.

Special remarks

In the process of pulling out the support strip, in order to avoid the spiral support strip winding on the covered object, it should be revolved around by a counter clockwise direction, and pull out while revolve around, so that it can be in a straight line in the tube to ensure smooth out. In the process of construction, when remove the semi-conductive layer, avoid to damage the core insulation. It is strictly prohibited to damage the cable sheath and bend the cable overly.