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Common errors in the use of cable accessories


Cable accessories in the whole cable construction process has a very important significance, it can effectively control the high voltage movement, and make the voltage in use has a certain stability. Therefore, the installation of cable accessories has strict requirements. If the installation method is improper in the installation process of cable accessories, a series of problems will result in safety accidents.  

1. When peeling the inner sheath.  Scratch the copper shielding layer, resulting in enhanced electric field intensity at the fracture, easy to lead to discharge.  

2. Copper shielding disconnected part and semi-conductive layer disconnected part have sharp corners burr not processed smooth.  

3. When stripping the copper shield, improper force will scratch the semi-conductive layer and air gap is easy to exist.

4. When stripping the semi-conductive layer of the cable, improper force will cause the surface of the main insulation layer to have scars and air gaps.  

5. During installation, the stress tube and insulation shield are overlapped less than 20 mm, and the cable will shrink greatly during operation due to poor internal stress treatment, which will easily produce air gap.

6. Cable accessories product selection error, European elbow connector and American elbow connector size is not the same, even if the same manufacturer of different periods of products, such as front and rear connector the use of touchable and untouchable connector mixture, will cause partial discharge. 

7. After the cable semiconductor shielding layer is peeled, the semiconductor remains on the main insulation layer, or the process requirements are not followed when cleaning, scrubbing back and forth, or the main insulation and copper shielding fracture is not filled with silicon grease, leaving hidden dangers and generating flasover discharge.  

8. Cable accessories of different models are used together. For example, the termination kit of manufacturer A uses the copper lug of manufacturer B.  Because each set of cable accessories is designed as a whole, and each accessory needs to be perfectly adapted, the product design of different manufacturers may not be the same, and air gap is easy to occur when mixed.  

HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. product list contains the installation instructions, please read carefully before installation, and strictly follow the operation procedures for installation.  You can also take the initiative to ask the sales staff for an electronic installation manual and print it out for reading.