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Cold Shrinkable End Cups


Product Intruction 

Cold Shrinkable End Cups is made of elastomer material in the factory injection vulcanization molding, and then through the expansion of Cold Shrinkable End Cups body and lined with spiral support to form a variety of cable accessories or other accessories parts.  During installation, the Cold Shrinkable End Cups is set on the end of the cable after treatment, and the supporting tube of the internal support is pulled out. The Cold Shrinkable End Cups body shrinks to the end of the cable through the sealant.  

Cold Shrinkable End Cups generally refers to the tubular cable accessory with cold shrinkage technology, which has the functions of insulation, sealing and protection.  Cold shrinkage technology is also known as pre-expansion technology, because it is at room temperature by elastic shrinkage force contraction, rather than like thermal shrinkage material to heat shrinkage, so commonly known as cold shrinkage technology.  Cold Shrinkable End Cups commonly used materials are silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber.  Cold Shrinkable End Cups has the advantages of small size, convenient and quick operation, no special tools, wide range of application and less product specifications.  Compared with heat-shrinkable products, it does not need to be heated by tools, and it can be tightly sealed under the condition of thermal expansion and contraction, without any gap caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Product Features

EPDM rubber used by Cold Shrinkable End Cups has excellent mechanical properties, puncture resistance and high tear resistance, weather resistance, uv resistance, ozone aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray corrosion, high and low temperature up to -55℃ ~ +150℃, is the ideal sealing material for communication cable, coaxial cable, medium and low voltage power cable.  

1.Cold Shrinkable End Cups are easy to install, without special training and professional tools.  
2.Cold Shrinkable End Cups' construction without open fire heating, directly out of the support tube, can be tightly coated on the cable and connector.
3.Cold Shrinkable End Cups with excellent aging performance: long-term use is not hard, not brittle, weather resistance, uv resistance, ozone resistance is better.  
4.Cold Shrinkable End Cups own an excellent high and low temperature resistance: the operating temperature can reach -55℃ ~ +150℃.
5.Good resilience, with "elastic memory", small permanent deformation, and the covered cable and connector "breathing", radial shrinkage force, in the case of thermal expansion and contraction can also be tightly sealed, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof effect is excellent, not due to thermal expansion and contraction gap,  Can be in strong wind sand gravel, underwater, humid, salt fog, seawater, underground, high temperature exposure, acid rain and other harsh environment for long-term use. 
6.More excellent flexibility, excellent flexure resistance, in the long-term swing dynamic environment, still can have a very good sealing. 

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