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Electron Accelerator Irradiation Center for Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories



The processing of electron accelerator radiation (hereinafter referred to as irradiation) refers to the use of high energy electron accelerator, radiation to the surface or internal processing, physical or chemical reaction in the processing object, so as to change some properties of the object processing technology. Polymer materials radiation crosslinking is form chemical bonds between polymer long chain or onlookers strong physical combining site, so that the physical properties, chemical properties of polymer for improvement.


Radiation crosslinking of the main products are heat shrinkable materials, wire and cable insulation materials and polyethylene foam. Polymer materials radiation crosslinking, the line into the reticular structure, the corresponding changes in its performance. From can melt into not melting, high temperature resistance and high temperature intensity has obvious increase; Form new connections between molecular keys, to prevent the molecular relative slip, enhance rigidity; So that after irradiation processing, the product have characteristics of good flame retardant, cold resistant, heat resistant, radiation resistant, resistant to bad environment etc., widely used in electricity, electronics, petroleum, automotive, and other industrial fields.


Our company now has more than one irradiation accelerator, has a full set of production and testing equipment, has large quantities of irradiation conditions and leading irradiation technology advantage, provide irradiation crosslinking wire and cable, heat shrinkable materials irradiation processing business.


Performance feature

Irradiation processing technology collection of electronic technology, high energy nuclear physics technology, vacuum technology, computer technology, radiation chemical technology and wire and cable manufacturing technology at an organic whole. High-energy electron beam produced by electron accelerator, the role within the polymer, the polymer molecular structure is changed, the original linear macromolecules into insoluble don't melt three-dimensional network structure. The main characteristics of its products are:


Good heat resistance: Such as to allow for a long time after irradiation crosslinking polyethylene material working temperature can be raised from 60-70 to 90-150 , short circuit temperature from 160 to 250 .


Improve the carrying capacity of cable: The conductor cross section carrying capacity increases about 20%-50%.


With excellent insulation properties and electrical performance.


High mechanical strength, aging resistance and chemical stability and good environmental stress cracking resistance.


Improve the flame retardant performance.


High safety and long performance life which can be up to 40 years.