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  • The cold-shrinkable cable accessories have the advantages of small size, convenient operation, rapid operation, no need for special tools, wide application range and small product specifications.


  • In general, insulation defects in cable lines are more affected by external factors, and most of the defects (non-external damage) occur in the installation of cable lines. Whether in theory or practice, the installation of Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories is a top priority.


  • The hot shrinkable industry often refers to the double wall Heat Shrinkable Tube, also called a rubber heat shrinkage, an adhesive heat shrinkable tube, waterproof heat shrink tube.


  • Product testing equipment is complete, with Nano electron accelerator, injection moulding machine, rubber molding machine and other production and manufacturing equipment. Also it has high pressure screening test center, fully meet the needs of product inspection and testing.(China heat shrinkable tube)


  • At present, most of the prefabricated cable accessory Straight Through Joint of 110kV and above cross-linked cables are used at home and abroad, because they are all prefabricated structural materials as a whole, and the wrapping type joints and assembled prefabricated joints used in the early days have been rarely used.


  • Whether it is cable or Elbow Connector, they often meet the problem of insufficient length or accidental damage in the process of use, at this time we need to carry out the joint, if the joint is outdoors or in water, it is necessary to do a good job of waterproof treatment of the joint.