110kV Cable Accessories

The main varieties of 110kV Cable Accessories and above XLPE insulated cable termination are: Outdoor termination, GIS termination (installed in fully enclosed combined appliances) and transformer termination (installed in transformer oil tanks). Prefabricated Rubber Stress Cone Termination and Prefabricated Intermediate Joint are main type of high voltage cross-linked cable accessories used in China.

Our 110kV Cable Accessories series products meet the requirements of IEC60840 and GB/T11017.3,the product adopts special electric field analysis software to optimize the design, and they are made of high quality materials and advanced production technology, it ensures uniform electric field, stable performance and reliable operation. 

The most of our 110kV Cable Accessories series products are meet the technical specification, which the Power frequency withstand voltage are 160kV/15min, the Partial Discharge are 96kV≤1.5pc, the Creepage Distance is ≥4100mm, and the Pollution Severity is Level Ⅳ.
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  • 12kV European Cable Branch Box is special electrical equipment in distribution system for collecting and taping. 12kV European Cable Branch Box the main spare parts consists of the box body,insulation sleeve, shielding separable connector, charged display.The cable can finish the electrical connection through the separable connector and insulation sleeve and realize collected and tapping function.

  • JX Earth Protection Box and JBX Earth Protection Box are suitable for direct grounding or protection grounding of metal protective layer of single core cross-linked cable of high voltage (35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV) grade. The JX Earth Protection Box is used for the direct grounding of the metal cover of the three-phase single-core cable. The JBX Earth Protection Box is used for the protection grounding of the metal cover of the three-phase single-core cable.

  • The main body of the Prefabricated Cable Joint is made of imported EPDM rubber injection molding. After installation, it is protected by high strength copper shell. Inside the shell, high-performance waterproof insulation sealant is poured into one body. The outer layer can be equipped with glass fiber reinforced plastic protection box as required. The inside of the box is poured with waterproof insulation sealant to ensure the safe operation of the joint in the harsh environment such as water accumulation and high corrosion for a long time.

  • GIS Cable Termination adopts the combined structure of stress cone and epoxy tubing, and the prefabricated stress cone surface is close to the inner wall of the epoxy tubing through spring assembly, so as to achieve reasonable interface pressure.

  • Prefabricated dry cable termination is made of stress cone and silicone rubber insulation material. The stress cone was designed and optimized by finite element analysis software, made of electrically conductive silicone rubber, it make the electric field distribution at cable shield port is improved and uniform reliably.

  • The external insulation of the composite cable termination is composed of a glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube and a silicone rubber rainshed, aluminum alloy flanges with strong corrosion resistance are installed at both ends. Compared with the traditional porcelain tubing, the composite tubing has many advantages, It is the best substitute for porcelain covers and has gradually been accepted all over the world.

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