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  • GIS Cable Termination adopts the combined structure of stress cone and epoxy tubing, and the prefabricated stress cone surface is close to the inner wall of the epoxy tubing through spring assembly, so as to achieve reasonable interface pressure.

  • Prefabricated dry cable termination is made of stress cone and silicone rubber insulation material. The stress cone was designed and optimized by finite element analysis software, made of electrically conductive silicone rubber, it make the electric field distribution at cable shield port is improved and uniform reliably.

  • The external insulation of the composite cable termination is composed of a glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube and a silicone rubber rainshed, aluminum alloy flanges with strong corrosion resistance are installed at both ends. Compared with the traditional porcelain tubing, the composite tubing has many advantages, It is the best substitute for porcelain covers and has gradually been accepted all over the world.

  • Porcelain Sheathed Cable Termination is a important part of 110kV products. The main varieties of 110kV and above XLPE insulated cable termination are: Outdoor termination, GIS termination (installed in fully enclosed combined appliances) and transformer termination (installed in transformer oil tanks). Prefabricated Rubber Stress Cone Termination and Prefabricated Intermediate Joint are main type of high voltage crosslinked cable accessories used in China. Our 110kV series products meet the requirements of IEC60840 and GB/T11017.3, the product adopts special electric field analysis software to optimize the design, and they are made of high quality materials and advanced production technology, it ensures uniform electric field, stable performance and reliable operation.

  • 15kV Extended Bushing Holder or 15kV 250A bushing holder provides the interface for the 250A cable connector and mostly used on the oil-insulated (R-temp, hydrocarbon, or silicon) apparatus, including switch gear, transformer and capacitors. The bushing holder is molded using high quality epoxy rubber, which meet the requirement of standard EN50180/EN50181 DIN47636/HN52-S-61.

  • 15kV Rotatable Feedthru Connector threads into a universal bushing well to provide the same function as an integral load break bushing. Using bushing inserts makes field installation and replacement possible and efficient. Bushing insert and elbow connectors comprise the essential components of all load break connections. It is mainly used as the high-voltage electrical connection for American box, outdoor ring network cabinet. Bushing insert is used with bushing holder that makes it possible to on-site installation and replacement.